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Zoom Group Yoga! 

Join us for Zoom Group Yoga!
Choose your preferred zoom class, then click the button to send your booking request message to Sweet Lovin' Yoga!  Be sure to include your pass preference in your message.


Monday Zoom Yoga
for All Bodies


Yoga for all bodies gently explores spinal ranges of motion. Viniyoga embodies breath as movement, function over form, repetition and stay, and sequencing.

Monday 6:30am-7:30am Pacific

Online Yoga

Friday PM Zoom Yoga
for Strength and Resilience


Strength training combined with mental balance exercise maintains muscle

tissue, improves bone health

and brings improved agility.

Friday 7am-8am Pacific


NEW! Tuesday Zoom Yoga
for Neck, Shoulders, Low Back


Alleviate the stress involved in computer use, repetitive motions, and long sits. Bring muscular skeletal patterns into a perfectly balanced state of healthy posture.

Tuesday 5pm-6pm Pacific


Sunday Morning Zoom Yoga
for Alignment and Balance


Align and balance spine and joints with gentle asanas. At the same time,

Reset neuromuscular structure, boost mobility and neural connections.

Sunday 7am-8am Pacific


Wednesday AM Zoom Yoga
for Midweek Reboot


Smile to a brand new day with gentle movements, lengthened breath, and feeling alive. Improve blood flow, lubricate joints

and energize your body. 

Wednesday 6:30am-7:30am Pacific


Sunday Evening Yoga
for Restorative Breathing  


Restorative Viniyoga begins with lengthened breathing that is steady to relax the body.

Passive stretching follows and activates

the parasympathetic nervous system.

Sunday 4pm-5pm Pacific

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